Thursday, August 11, 2011

Studio Makeover - Progress Update - The Room

So much progress has been made (with the help of my talented husband and countless cups of peppermint tea) on my studio! I have a lot to cover so I thought I'd break it up into two sections... "The Room" and "The Stuff".

This is the first progress update on "The Room", my studio. My next post will be an update on "The Stuff" that was in the studio. Warning this post is very photo heavy.

On Monday the painting madness began.... Goodbye ugly brown wallpaper and mustard walls! We also did all the trim around the front windows. I learned how prep surfaces correctly and how to use a paint roller.




On Tuesday we shuffled the furniture around so that the Husband could paint the ceiling and finish the wall above the built-in bookshelves. Together we painted the right wall. I'm getting pretty good at using a roller by now!



Wednesday we had some winged visitors... The Husband added trim and prepped the new-ish window and did touch ups. Together we came up with a new furniture arrangement that I think will work out nicely.



Stay tuned for "The Stuff" update!


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